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Code: TR-01
Name: Air Tricycle
Description: An aeroplane shaped tricycle


Code: TR-02
Name: Bee Tricycle
Description: A bee shaped tricycle


Code: FU-11
Name: Children's chair
Description: Brightly coloured chair


Code: FU-12
Name: Children's table
Description: Table comes with 2 built-in drawers


Code: FU-01
Name: Clown see-saw and bee table
Description: A table with clown and bee effects


Code: OT-01
Name: Crab see-saw
Description: A crab shaped see-saw.


Code: SL-11
Name: High pea-shaped slide
Description: Medium sized, pea-shaped slide.


Code: SL-07
Name: Rabbit slide
Description: A rabbit shaped slide with a 137cm long slider.


Code: DG-01
Name: Rocking Dog
Description: Single seater


Code: RD-03
Name: Rocking motor-bike
Description: Motor-bike shaped rocker

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